Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I uncovered the surgical sites to apply clean dressings today.

Nevaeh stepped in and took a close look at the stitches.

"MOMMY!" she freaked out. "Do you have SPIDERS on your leg??!!"


Nevaeh wanted to wear Mommy's shoes, especially the one that she calls "the funny shoe."

I have been pretty sick and in a lot of pain so Mark and Nevaeh went to get some medicine to counteract the dizziness and nausea. Little Miss Sunshine came back with this beautiful bunch of flowers!

Such cheerful posies! AND they did get me some meds and I am feeling better again. I was able to eat a little for lunch. Surgical sites still look great and are healing well in spite of the pain.

So I guess I'm feeling like that little train who struggled to climb the mountain to reach the other side.

"I think I can! I think I can! I think I can get through this pain to the other side of my mountain!"

Thanks again for your prayers!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Above is the cancer site. Doc had to take a big enough "chunk" that my leg is indented quite a bit though it doesn't show in the picture. I'd rather him get everything the first time around though. This area is not causing me any pain at all and only has those itchy sensations that accompany healing.

This is the surgical site of the lesion, which is another form of diseased skin tissue. The Doc said that the hole was so huge, he could barely get it closed. There are somewhere around a dozen stitches here. This surgical site is causing me quite a bit of pain and I am having to take full dosage of the medication. That, on the other hand is making me dizzy and nauseous so I am struggling with eating. Would appreciate your continued prayers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Surgical sights. Skin cancer removed from just above right ankle and a large lesion removed from bottom of left foot.

I'm not having any pain or problems with the area where the skin cancer was removed, but the lesion area is causing me quite a bit of pain. I'm not one to take a lot of pain meds, but I am relying on these meds quite heavily for now.

The Doc is still somewhat concerned as the lesion left such a huge hole that he could barely get it closed. Using crutches and a really ugly shoe for 2 weeks.

With a nurse like this, I should be better in NO time!! Letting nurse Nevaeh remove my IV tape!
Examining the patient!

The sugical nurse thought that I should encourage myself by thinking, "Cute flip flops! Really cute flip flops!"

I really hate surgery, but I did pretty good this time with the anesthetics. I'm really glad that this is over. We can remove the bandages in 24 hours after surgery to apply clean dressings.

Thankful for God's help and keeping my nerves under control. Mark was with me all the way!

I love you, Babe!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Just a quickie! I am to report to the surgical center at 11:20 a.m. tomorrow, the 29th!

This is my CANCER B-GONE campaign!!

Remember, slather on the sunscreen "B4" you go out!

Jesus Was A Fisherman

Thought I would share some shots of one of the things that has kept us busy. You are about to experience Tabernacle Rod and Gun Fellowship. Separate from our Senior Adult class at our church, the Adult Class concentrates on Christian Discipleship and reaching out. Discussion turned into the Rod & Gun Fellowship as a means of outreach.

How do we reach the people who won't come to church because, "...the roof will fall in if I step inside your sanctuary!" among a host of other excuses! In the surrounding areas, hunting and fishing is a widespread and avid interest among the members of our community.

Since Jesus himself was a fisherman and He communicated with his followers by sharing fishing stories, we felt that it would be pleasing to Him for us to reach out to our community through this avenue.

With much help from our church family, we were able to plan and share an amazing event in our fellowship room. We had a trophy wall, picture board, displays from various vendors, archery shoot, fishing derby for the kids, prizes, workshops and speakers. Last, we fed a simple dinner to everyone present. This was a free of charge event. Some people loved the event so much that they asked if they could support us with a donation.

Great and solid contacts were made as we met people from our surrounding community for the first time. On the other hand, this event has created a problem for us. Our fellowship room was maxed out in occupancy and if we opt to carry over this function to another year, we are going to have to look for another building! But, that's a good problem to have, right?!

A lady from a local business embroidered hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts for our staff and some of the prizes. The emblem was designed by Rebecca Faust, a member of our congregation. We all love it and have decided that it's a keeper.

We'll use it again. Thanks, JoAnn from Stitchin' To Go!

Leslie was a great help in our kitchen.

Jeff is our Minister of Outreach here at Evangelistic Tabernacle and his sister Linda is the head of our Fellowship and Care Committee.

Our registration booth

Our registrars Rebecca & Dawn

Photographer for the event, Robert.

Assistant photographer for the event, Anna.

Asking the Greatest Fisherman to bless our meal.

Special event speaker, Darryl Quesenberry.

Shell Display

Archery Shoot

*I would add that our son Daryl, won the archery shoot!
Casting Contest

Successful fisherman Austin & Ashlynn!

Nathaniel & Mommy

Bri & Uncle Joe

And look who caught the whopper!!

Abby Whitmer

Beautiful fish!

Congratulations Abby!

Catching the last elusive few at the end of the day.

I think Daryl and Rob enjoyed this part immensely!
*SIGH* It was a long, tiring BUT profitable day!

Jesus said, "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

We are building!

We have receive permission to build a cabin on our church conference campground in Mendon Ohio. Before winter arrived, we set posts and banded them so that at spring's first opportunity, we could begin building. On the 17th of March(Thursday), Dad and Mark drove a trailer load of supplies and equipment to the site and began to work.

When they arrived, our lumber delivery was waiting. Rev. & Mrs Alley and Dad The Alley's are the campgroud caretakers. One evening, Mrs Alley prepared dinner for my guys and they were able to enjoy a great time of fellowship together.
Boss & Foreman!

This is Autumn and Randalyn Paulus. They brought their Daddy, Randy, to the campground on Friday, the 18th, and he offered his building expertise. We couldn't have gotten so far in so little time without Randy.
Since I opted to stay home this trip, Mark took many photos so that I could "be in" on this phase.

Mark loved having Dad with him!
Randy hard at work.
Side view
They were able to complete shingling one half of the roof before having to pack up and head home. We are planning to get in another work day either before or after Interchurch Holiness Convention here in April.

We are excited to have a permanent perch for our brood at camp and youth camp times!

I love for Nevaeh's sake that our cabin is right next to the children's chapel and the playground is currently in front of the cabin on the other side of the road!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cancer, no respector of persons!

Yes. I know this picture is rather.....gross. But this is my reality right now. It was just a mole. I had had it all of my life. But sun exposure took its toll and I am now scheduled for surgery to remove this diseased skin and I get to add my name to the list of "Cancer Victims." That sounds awful! I think I'd rather use the word "survivor." It is on my right lower leg. I will also be having a rather large lesion (another form of diseased tissue) removed at the same time from my left foot. The Dr. has expressed some concern due to existing physical issues with my heart condition but I am optimistic! I've been through some pretty bad "stuff" so this has got to be better than THAT!
I would appreciate your prayers. I am scheduled for surgery March 29.
And please, take time to take care of YOURSELF!
Use this as a friendly reminder to examine yourself.
I will post an update.


Nevaeh's latest favorite playtime is getting into the PlayDoh.
Grammy spent some time making all kinds of noodles and fun stuff with Nevaeh.

Showing Nevaeh how to properly use the knife.

And letter stamps help spell N-E-V-A-E-H!