Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Daddy & His Papoose
She LOVED telling everyone what her shirt said today!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

Mark was able to take our boys ice skating this past Friday. They had a great time! This was the first time that Mark was able to skate in probably about 12 years as he has had some knee injuries in the past that prevented this kind of activity.

Well, THAT still works! He didn't even have to try to be the sweeper. It just happened! I will say in his defense though, that this was the ONLY time he happened to fall that night. After 12 years, I would say that he's allowed at least one "Free Fall Pass!"

Met up with friend Byron, who was gracious to provide most of these photos.

And THIS is Scott with Mark and Daryl. Scott is the Director of Fostering at The Bair Foundation, the largest fostering/adoption agency in the nation. We have just recently completed our new home study with TBF and are looking forward to what God has in mind for us. We are already enjoying the relationships that we have been privileged to establish through our introduction to The Bair Foundation Family. Some privacy issues are definitely tighter for the sake of the children with TBF so we won't be able to post in the same way re: our family growth etc...but we will always appreciate your prayers. God knows who needs US, and who WE need. May He guide us to that merge in our paths.

Never A Dull Moment!

NEVER a dull moment in this house since the arrival of our resident love bug! She fills every minute of every day and we still can't imagine living without her! Two nights ago, I was driving towards WalMart with Nevaeh in the back seat. As we drove past the water treatment plant, I thought to myself, "Wow! Things are ripe tonight!" But I said nothing. Within just a few seconds, a little voice from the back seat declares, "Dat's GROSS! Dat garbage can STINKS!"
The mind that this little bundle possesses NEVER ceases to amaze me. And her ability to listen to the voice of reason is unusual. On the same evening AFTER we had been in WalMart, we were in the car headed home. I had purchased a box of valentine cards to be used in a couple weeks and she wanted to hold the bag for the ride home. Nevaeh asks, "Mom, can I play with these cards when I get home?" Me: "No. We'll put them away for now and in a couple weeks give them to your friends." Well, it sounded as if she was exploring the package a little more in depth than was my desire as I could envision her frog valentine's all over the back of the car. "Nevaeh, do NOT open that box of cards!" It was quiet for a few seconds when she said very matter-of-factly, "Mommy, I don't want to listen to you." Keeping my voice just as matter-of-fact, I said, "Well if you don't obey me then I'm going to HAVE to pop your bottom. Do NOT get in the box!" Again, a few seconds of silence, heavy silence came from the back seat. Finally, she muttered, "I don't like my bottom popped!" I said nothing and just listened. My silence was rewarded with an exagerated sigh. "Oh, alright then. I'll listen!" And I said, "Thank you!"
She informed me today that she is a Cutie Tatootie (Rob actually calls her Cutie Patootie)! She is the sunshine in our day and the rainbow in our storm! It's hard to believe that she is approaching her 3rd birthday and just a few days following, it will be 1 year since her adoption was made final. It has been a good year and I still find myself amazed at the great things He (God) has done! I just simply can't imagine living without our God!

Hanging on For Dear Life!

It has been a piece of forever since last we "spoke" that I thought it was way past time to communicate that we are indeed alive. Not necessarily well, as yet, but definitely alive! A virus began "toying" with our constitutions here in the Fultz family in the beginning of December and we fought valiantly! We thank God for a beautiful Christmas Day spent at our home all together, but the 26th, in exhaustion, one by one we began to succumb to the constant hammering of sickness. No one was exempt and a couple of us actually went for round 2 and 3 of the vicious virus. As mother of the bunch, I think that cleaning up after my darlings reexposed me and I could not fight the virus any longer. The virus turned into a bacterial infection and it became necessary to secure some antibiotics. It will probably take a couple of weeks yet to feel normal (whatever that is!) but I AM feeling as if I am finally on the mend! The temperature this morning was a negative 18 degrees and I pray that it kills every virus out there!!!
I've been thinking about Nevaeh and Rob in the accompanying photo. I too have been hanging on for dear life, but I don't know that I have been enjoying it quite like she appears to be doing. I observe though, that she is certain Bub's got her back and so she can simply "enjoy the ride!" May I be every bit as certain of my faith in God, that He's got my back and if I try, I just might learn to enjoy the ride, in SPITE of the circumstances!