Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I am so excited! Took a bunch of pics of our little papoose today for her celebration party. I got some really great stuff and while I want to share them with you, you will have to wait! This is just a sneak peek!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kissin' Tootse!

Doesn't she look like a little Pochahontas? She will tell you that she is Daddy's papoose! She is such a little sweetheart and we are grateful to realize that she will be a big part of our lives forever. We are hopefully nearing the end of this adoption saga as one more time, Mark and I signed papers for Nevaeh's case finalization. We have been told that we may go ahead with our plans for Nevaeh's celebration party and so, indeed, we are! Presently the plan is to have everything finalized in her open adoption arrangement and we are going to have her party the 10th of April. I know that many of you have prayed faithfully for this and we'd LOVE if you could be a part of our day. Yes, I know that most of you are too far away to actually be here in person so I will be sure to share the celebration of Nevaeh with you here on this blog!

I wish you could hear Nevaeh's newest favorite song.

"You are so beeyootyful 'a me - You are so beeyootyful 'a me - Can't ya' see? You're everything I hoped for - You're everything I need. You are so beyootyful 'a me."

She croons as good as Alfalfa and she doesn't have soap bubbles floating out of her mouth!

Layin' Down On The Job!

This was Nevaeh's idea of helping in the construction projects going on around her.
She was just certain that this 1x6 would make a perfect bed!

I asked Nevaeh today what she wanted to eat for lunch.
She said,"Ummmm, I hab a Dr. Pepper, no ice!"

Biggy Girl, Growin' Up!

I hesitated for the longest time about moving Nevaeh from her crib because she was having enough other changes in her life, I just didn't think that this specific change was necessary. But Nevaeh has been struggling with taking a nap at Nana's house and I thought that perhaps this change would assist her. Nana has a toddler bed for Nevaeh. Nevaeh has been doing awesome with all of those other changes except that she just won't give in and take a nap at her Nana's. At her last visit, she finally asked for her elephant and pacifier, but she wouldn't take the final leap and give in to sleep. I felt that she was taking a step in the right direction by requesting her bed buddies and so I felt we could attempt this transition. We rearranged Nevaeh's bedroom and lowered her mattress. I removed one side rail and she is soooooo excited that she can get in and out of bed all by herself now! Momma is just a little nervous though about her falling out even though it's not very far to the floor. I fixed that by bumming a rocker from Daryl's room and I sit it beside the bed so that hopefully bumping it will encourage Nevaeh to roll the other way. We have successfully navigated 3 nights and 3 naps with this arrangement. Isn't she just a cute little bug?!