Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Time Flies!

WHAT have these guys gone and done with my babies??!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movin' On!

Posing with Dad very early on moving day morning...Daryl is very excited and ready to begin his college career.
Daryl is a freshman at God's Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is working on an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies. He is also enrolled simultaneously at the University of Cincinnati where he is working on a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.
Mama and her baby all grown up! I can't believe that we are here at this juncture of life so soon!
Daryl is participating in the work study program as well which assists in the payment of his tuition. He is working as a security guard right on the college campus. We are very pleased that his job experience compliments his major.
This is Jeffrey Paulus Jr.
Jeffrey is a childhood friend of Daryl's. We were very excited to learn that Jeffrey was planning to attend the same college AND even more excited when Jeffrey and Daryl were assigned room mates!
Jeffrey Paulus, Daryl Fultz, and Dustin Covert
These three live together as room mates. So far, they are doing very well and getting along great.
Daryl's room is next to the top floor, four windows in from the right side.
When I zoomed in on Daryl's window, I discovered he left his mark! lol
This is Daryl's desk and study corner.
The bottom bunk is Daryl's and Jeffrey's is the top bunk.
This is their little lounge area. The truck box/coffee table is Daryl's stash of food! And yes, it has been restocked multiple times since he moved into the dorm.
We have missed Daryl terribly but get to use Skype and chat with him. I wish you could have seen little Nevaeh when Daryl's face first popped up on the computer screen! She couldn't get up on the chair fast enough to suit her!
Daryl is very busy and doing quite well in school. Here is a photo of the college choir of which Daryl is a part. You will find him in the back row with his hand raised!
Though we miss him greatly, we LOVE what God is doing in Daryl's life!
Life just has a way of movin' on.