Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tears Are A Language God Understands.

Little Miss in her brother's shirt.

Ever feel like covering your head and sleeping for a very long time? That's where I've been. Not literally, but emotionally. I apologize for not posting sooner, however I could not. I've been praying and processing and the Lord has been helping me to get things in perspective. There are specifics that I know you would like to know that I just cannot share in this manner as Nevaeh's case has been moved to a high profile case and is very sensitive, but I can share that the judge has not made a final call. Suffice it to say that the adoption has been postponed and at this point, we do not know what way the judge will rule. I've cried so many tears that I am amazed to find that I still have more, yet something triggers a thought and I find them running down my cheeks again. I know God interprets those tears when there are simply no words to be spoken. We have been begging God for strength and the wisdom to know how to proceed. We were able to receive some type of reassurance today and we ask that you continue to pray. This is a very serious need and we feel that Nevaeh's life as all she has known is at stake. She stood in the agency office and recited her version of John 3:16. It was understood by everyone and I marveled at how she never hesitated which was not typical for her. She often hesitates to perform before those with whom she is not totally comfortable. She is now 19 Months old yet there is so much more that we want to teach her. The night of the court date we crawled in the van to go home after that special Rebecca made us supper, and Nevaeh went nuts! She was shrieking at her daddy to turn on her current favorite song. She began singing it in a very loud and boisterous voice.

"Roll away - Roll away - Doubts and fears and sadness - All roll away - Roll away - Everytime I call His name - When I'm sad - And all alone - And nothing can move this impossible stone - I just talk to Jesus and my burdens roll away. In this life there are struggles - We all have our share of trials and troubles - MmmHmm - And heartaches along the way - But there is joy and there is comfort in serving a God who's always triumphant - When I talk to Jesus all my burdens roll away. - Jesus knows my condition - He's always aware of the need before I ever mention - Oh yeah - The problems when I pray - But when I speak - He will listen - He longs to hear the cry of His children - When I talk to Jesus all my burdens roll away!"

You can't imagine what that did for us. It has been a rough couple of days but we are doing much better. My family is coming for Thanksgiving! In fact, some of them are here already. My little sister said that while everyone else has been asked via emails and word-of-mouth messages to pray for Judge Cunningham, she believes that is my family's job to be here for us. So as Aaron and Hur lifted and held the arms of Moses in the middle of a raging battle, they have come to raise up and hold the arms of Mark, Laura, Daryl & Robert. I have an awesome family. I know I've said it before but love is truly powerful. And I am so blessed to be a recipient of that kind of love.

As I struggled with the pain from the huge hand that was squeezing and wringing out my heart, this song came to me. I'll share it in it's entirety just in case you're struggling with something yourself and need to remember who you are and why you are.

I have made my choice forever: I will walk with Christ my Lord. Naught from Him my soul can sever While I'm trusting in His word. I the lonely way have taken, Rough and toilsome though it be; And although despised, forsaken, Jesus, I'll go thro' with Thee.

Tho' the garden lies before me, And the scornful judgement hall, Tho' the gloom of deepest midnight Settles round me like a pall, Darkness can affright me never; From Thy presence shadows flee. And if Thou wilt guide me ever, Jesus, I'll go thro' with Thee.

Tho' the earth may rock and tremble, Tho' the sun may hide its face, Tho' my foes be strong and ruthless, Still I dare to trust Thy grace. Tho' the cross my path o'er-shadow, Thou didst bear it once for me; And whate'er the pain or peril, Jesus, I'll go thro' with Thee.

When the conflict here is ended, And the weary journey done; When the last grim foe is conquered, And the final vict'ry won; When the pearly gates swing open, And an entrance full and free Shall be granted to the victors, Jesus, I'll go thro' with Thee.

God bless you all! Please know that our family, extended family, and church family, appreciates your prayers concerning our need. Nevaeh is an established member of our family, church and community and the decision of the judge weighs heavy on many. As we learn more, we will try to continue to update you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Praying Parisioners

These prayer charts were given to us today. They're beautiful and represent the love of our awesome church family. We are overwhelmed with such a display of caring. These are the charts of the prayer circle that was organized in our behalf concerning Nevaeh's situation. If I were to have a guess, I'd say this was the idea of one special Rebecca. Our church family is praying around the clock this weekend through Monday as the status conference has turned into a hearing involving paternal grandparents. They have never seen Nevaeh and we are the only family that she knows. We were set for adoption December 14, but we have to go down this side trail for now. We have an interest in your prayers as well. We know that God cares about the things that are important to us.
As I sat in the agency office today talking with the case managers, one spoke up and said, "Y'know, everything is going to be alright. From the very beginning you've had your faith, and God gave you what you asked for even though we told you it just doesn't work that way. Everything is going to work our just fine."
I told them about the prayer circle and they told me to stop before I made them all cry.
May they have no doubt that God is in control when this is over and the dust is settled!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


WOW! It looks as if the devil intends to fight this to the bloody end. We're scratching and clawing and trying to hang on with everything we've got! We received a call today requesting our presence in court on Monday. Nevaeh's bio grandparents will be present at a status conference and they want to adopt her. We are floored by this and our insides are in turmoil. We NEED you to pray for this case. Pray for the judge. Please pray that the judge will be wise. Since we will be present, we have a voice. Mark and I both will be asked to express ourselves. Please pray for us in this. Pray for our family. Please pray for our boys!!! They desperately are in need of your prayer.
And please know that Mark and I would greatly appreciate your prayers in our behalf in every way.
Our emotions are on an unbelievable ride. God help us!!!
This conference is scheduled for this coming Monday morning. We will do our best to share what we can as soon as we can.
Josh and Nevaeh
Nevaeh has picked Josh from the very beginning and loves him more each passing day.
Note added November 20, Friday AM.
We have been informed just this AM that our church family has organized a prayer circle and will be praying around the clock every hour on the hour for the weekend through Monday.
We are overwhelmed and realize that this little girl is their "family" as well as ours.
LOVE is a powerful thing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adoption Latest!

Today was another meeting of the minds concerning Nevaeh's permanency. The adoption charge case manager, the adoption counselor, and our personal caseworker was present as well as Laura, Mark and Nevaeh! We have been told that the judge has ordered a status conference. The purpose of this conference is to make sure that "all our ducks are in a row." If everything is in order, we may proceed with the December 14th date. If anything is out of line, the adoption will have to be moved to January. So all of you
"PRAY-ers", I would call on your graciousness yet another time, and ask you all to remember Nevaeh's adoption in your prayers. We are asking God to go before the caseworkers involved, the lawyer, and the judge and care for anything that may need tending, and be with us for the planned huge weekend of Nevaeh's adoption.
Having much family present for the adoption, made much sense to plan a dedication service in that same weekend and the plans are all falling into place. Our conference president, has been so kind to rearrange his personal schedule to be present. We are very appreciative of that effort. Nevaeh's brothers are going to sing to her as well as our adopted twin nieces. Perhaps I can post some video clips of that on the blog to share with you.
And if you have a spare second in your prayer time, I would be so grateful if you would whisper a thought in my behalf. The closer the date becomes, the more jittery my insides. I fear that I'm going to be a nervous wreck! I can't begin to tell you how I feel emotionally. You'd never understand unless you've been there yourself anyway. I've never felt anything like it.
You will, however, understand excitement, and our entire family, church family included, is excited about this incredible milestone that is taking place in our lives.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Merry Christmas, Big Guy!

This is Chief.
He is the answer to Robert's long time prayer. Y'know, I'm sitting here thinking about how God is interested in the lives of all my children and He means to make sure that my guys know that He cares about each of them personally. The Lord worked out details to make it possible for us to give Robert this horse for a Christmas present and since we want to have him moved before the snow flies, we decided to let him have "it" early. He is so in love with Chief already.
Some kids wake up one day and want to be a fireman. In another day or so, they decide that a policeman would be more exciting. As they grow older they branch out into more exotic sounding careers like that of a marine biologist and so on........you get the picture. Well, for as long as I can remember, Rob has wanted to have his own ranch where he can rescue abused horses and then use a therapy program to rehabilitate troubled youth. Who knows but that he may just get his desire after all.
Here is Robert meeting his new and fast best friend!

Walking Chief through the pasture.

Getting used to each other.

Close up and personal. Robert is having trouble believing that this is for real.
He said that if he is dreaming, please don't wake him up.

Our Lean Mean Huntin' Machine Does It Again!

Four point buck

This is Daryl's first success with a bow. He was hunting alone and did it all by himself. He ran home to get Dad to come and help drag it out as well as use the benefit of the four wheel drive to drive back into the field. He was so winded and pumped when he "busted" in the door, we had to make him stop and say nothing at all for a few minutes just so we could understand him.

The first of the season for our freezer.

Huntin' buds! Dad was proud of the boyo!!!
Good job, baby.