Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner Party for Sam!

We were so excited! Sam was coming to visit. We wanted everything to be just perfect. Sam was our caseworker with Nevaeh, and we were NOT ready to say, "Goodbye" just yet when our case was finalized. Sam promised us that we wouldn't have to do that. God's timing is amazing for following Nevaeh's case finalization, Sam shared with us that her life was going to make some changes and she would no longer be working for our foster agency. But there's something to be said for "tried by fire" relationships. Sam endured many hard times with us and we will ALWAYS treasure her. Tonight, Sam came for dinner and we wanted it to be special because SHE is special.
We learned that Sam LOVES Italian food and so Rob declared that the menu MUST be Italian!
The menu consisted of Italian meatballs and Chicken/Bacon/Pineapple shishkabobs as appetizers. Then we had Italian salads with fresh, homemade Italian bread. The main course was lasagne. Our dessert was tiramisu! The first time I ever made it and I think I will make it again though I may tweak it just a little!
YUMMY! Chicken, grape tomatoes, pineapple and bacon.
We made a special pineapple punch that our family likes to use for special occasions.
It was so much fun decorating and making the tables special too!
Daddy helping Nevaeh with her "Zonnia."
I think the boy is growing some strange horns!
For those of you who may be wondering what the binoculars are for - Daryl was watching some wild stray cats messing around in the edge of the cornfield.

It was a beautiful evening for a dinner outdoors.

As always, she's as pretty as a picture!

The tiramisu!

Some bonds just CAN'T be explained.

Two beautiful sweethearts!

Playing in the sand turtle together.

Nevaeh is showing Sam her new house that has been built since the last time that we saw Sam. It's not finished yet, but it's already a special little place!

Of course, Sam came bearing gifts! Nevaeh LOVES her Fute. At least I'll know where she is now! She wanted to sleep with it tonight. I finally talked her into laying it on the end of her dresser right beside her bed.

The best of times MUST be shared!

Taking time to visit the puppies.
As we visited over dinner, we talked about the path that God directed us to walk before Nevaeh even became a part of our family. That path is where we met Sam. God blessed us with the gift of her friendship and we are grateful that she is a lasting blessing. Thank you, Samanth, for sharing our evening with us and for loving OUR little girl in the way that ONLY you can.

Friday, July 16, 2010


You may click on this link to see a news clip and read an article regarding a fire that took place at Newberrytown Holiness Camp. Mark and I spent 5 years pastoring the church about 1/2 mile from the camp ground. We spent many hours in this dormitory and more specifically, two of the apartments on the one end where our school teachers resided.
No one was hurt and God's mercy was poured out on His people one more time.
Ken Stoner (no relation) was the second man interviewed and was one of our parishoners at Parkville Bible Church. I love his testimony and faith in God shared in his interview.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Daryl Graduates from Basic Encampment!

C/A1C Daryl J Fultz
Daryl is missing some of his accessories such as name badges and pins and his uniform was borrowed, but he survived the grueling week of training successfully. Daryl's uniform has been ordered for a couple of months but something is holding up the processing. Borrowed or not, he's a handsome young man and I am so proud of his accomplishments!
It was a joy to attend Daryl's graduation as a family along with Pap & Gram Stoner! Nevaeh missed Daryl so much and was thrilled to be with him again. I am grateful for Daryl's desire to be somebody and his effort to make that happen instead of running around getting into all kinds of trouble. Our family is so blessed!
Nevaeh & her Hero!

Don't let the red-head fool you! He LOVES his big brother way more than he lets on!

Graduation ceremonies.

Daryl is left of center in the row behind the fella' who is turned looking back. Daryl is the short third guy in that line. You can just see the top of his head as the cadet in front of him has his arm out in motion. Daryl is standing right in front of the black cadet.

New friends! Cadets Kostishak and Fultz

Saying "goodbye!"

Many people take a quick look at this boyo and see the dark skin and make a quick call. "He looks just like his dad," they say. I've always just smiled though because if you can get past the dark complexion, he's MY boy!! Right down to the eyebrow!! Thank God for tweezers!! lol

D has always been Dad's sidekick!

Our firstborn

The Mark Fultz family

The three greatest kids in the whole world!

Daryl LOVES his Pap! I know why!!

Daryl with Pap & Gram