Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Heaven's Gift Indeed

Nevaeh Re Fultz
5 Months old
"Not going back." These were the words spoken to us by our caseworker just yesterday!! Mark asked, "You mean we have her for Christmas?" "Yep," answered Samantha. God is answering our prayers and taking us one step at a time. We are so very thankful. We would not want to be doing something like this without His holy guidance. Our next needed miracle is for Nevaeh's bio mother to voluntarily give up her parental rights. If she does this, an adoption will be quick and much simpler. If she does not, then we have to wait out the time for Nevaeh to be in the custody of the state for 15 consecutive months. We have in three. That means we would have to wait another year before Nevaeh is considered eligible and then the process of adoption moves much slower. There was just a hearing this week for Nevaeh's bio mother but we do not have the results of that yet. The judge could say or do about anything so please, PLEASE keep us in your prayers. We know that Nevaeh is precious in God's sight and we are so grateful to be charged with her care. She is the spice of our lives and we adore her! She's Heaven's Gift indeed!

Two peas in a pod - Mama & Veah

This is the picture that we had special made just for Daddy. I do declare! He thinks he likes it! Can you imagine that?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Visit With Sankeys

It was a pleasure to have Marc & Melodie visit. Marc and Melodie are missionaries in Mexico with their three sons. It was special to us to have Nevaeh meet Marc and Melodie because, if you'll remember from a previous post, Nevaeh is half Hispanic. Marc and Melodie spoke Spanish when conversing with Nevaeh and she listened so intently. God alone knows what plans He has for this beautiful little girl, but I do have to at least consider the question, "Has God given us the responsibility of teaching a future missionary about the love of an awesome God?" Regardless of the answer, we want to preserve and enhance Nevaeh's heritage in anyway that we can. Anyone who knows Marc and Melodie would agree that they are definitely an enhancement!

This is Robert and Logan. While all of the boys get along well, Robert really enjoys spending time with Logan!

After church on Wednesday night, we had a "fire." "Fires" are a part of Western PA culture. Sometimes you cook something (hot dogs, hamburgers, s'mores, mountain pies etc...) and sometimes you just sit and visit. This night, we cooked hot dogs and visited. And even though the air was crisp and "fallish", we ate some Rocky Road and Butter Pecan ice cream. Just to give you an idea on how crisp the air was-- I was feeding a very bundled Nevaeh a bottle so my dish of ice cream was pushed under my chair. When I got to it there was very little melted! I wore a coat and so did Mark but those Sankeys just hung out in their shirt sleeves! They said something about missing the Fall season.

NEW & IMPROVED: Combo meals @ McBarney's

"I'll have a BIG MAC, FRIES, & A PANSY to go, please!"
Yep! You've identified this couple correctly. This is indeed, the very special Rev. & Mrs. M. R. McCrary, Evangelists Extrordinaire! Don't forget Barney down there. Bro. Mac would not be the same without Barney! We think the Macs are like a block of cheese - they get better with age! Well, Sis. Mac is probably more like a fine wine!!!
We were privileged to share life for a week with the McCrarys here at our church. Bro. Macs' messages were soooo good. Our church family is still talking about some of them. "Pickin' Fleas" & "The Pearl of Great Price." God is still using those messages to speak to hearts even after the McCrarys have gone. It was also so nice to have Sis. Mac play the piano for the entire meeting. It was a real treat for me to be able to just sit and enjoy the service while holding my daughter. Sis. Mac says that she isn't very good, but she was really stretching something, in our opinion. It was a pleasure to experience revival from this new, and I must say, improved perspective. Our children LOVED having the McCrary's here - even Nevaeh! By the way, I should insert that being a block of aged cheese is definitely not a bad thing. A Big Mac would not be a good Big Mac without the cheese!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's A Date!

Mom and D went out on Monday night just to be together. Little sisters are great, you know, but they require soooo much attention and take very much of your time. We wouldn't trade the little pipsqueek for anything, but Mom and her 15 year old needed "just us" time. What did we do? Went shopping!! Are you shocked? Well, we went shopping but let's see what was on D's list. One hundred grain Muzzy broadheads, shot gun shell sleeve, thermal undies, 410 shells for little brother, oh--- and don't forget the 410 slugs. Rob gets to hunt this year. Yippee!!!!! On our way to town, a Pennsylvania black bear ran across the road in front of us! Daryl was so excited because that was the very first black bear that he has ever seen "in the wild." The bear was probably around a 300-400 pound bear. D told me to get out my warm clothes and get ready. Mama's goin' huntin' this year. He seems to think that I will be his good luck charm. Well, Mama HATES to be cold, and Mama DESPISES being wet and cold. Charm or no, I think every one is better off if Mama just stays at camp and cooks supper! Oh, and for the record, yes-the boy is taller than Mama now! Man!! They grow up too fast!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gratitude for a Gracious God

My heart is so full and overflowing!! God has heard our petitions and granted us more time. More time to rejoice again of His mercy - more time to love Nevaeh and enjoy her presence - more time to pray yet again. If you have been following our blog, then you know that we have begged prayer support from God's people in Nevaeh's behalf. You also know that she was scheduled to leave our home September 23. Late this afternoon, our caseworker called with the exciting news that Nevaeh gets to stay with us for another month for sure and depending on what transpires this next week, that may change yet again for an even longer period of time. Isn't the picture above just great?! I don't think Nevaeh understood to be so excited, but she could certainly sense our excitement. Her smile is sooooo gorgeous! We cannot express how awesome it feels to have friends who care enough to pray. And our "fight" is not over. Now is not the time to stop praying! God specializes in things thought impossible and He will do what no other power can do! I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you - oh, my soul, rejoice!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our artist in residence, Rob Blob, had a hard time getting his shnawze in the picture but we managed. Rob used play dough and created these great masterpieces!

A fine lady in high healed boots.

A single red rose.
Can you see the
detail on the leaf?

Please Pray For Our Baby Girl!

There have been some new developments and twists in the circumstances involving our precious little sweetheart which may require her to return to her mother for a time. We received word today that a tentative "leave date" is scheduled for the morning of September 23. Those working closely to her situation do not believe that the move will be permanent and that Nevaeh will come back to us (possibly not alone or in the future adding her sibling to our home), however, the move will be traumatic for our little angel. It breaks our hearts to think of her in pain and that there is nothing we can do to ease that pain. We know that God sees a bigger picture than we, and that the details are as He wishes. We want to live in the center of His will. We are, at this time though, asking Him for mercy to shine on Nevaeh and that He would spare her the pain of a "back and forth" situation. Aside from Nevaeh being a mommy baby she shows no other side effects of her change from her beginning of life to transition into our home setting. Nevaeh has thrived and is a gift from God.
Nevaeh is 4 1/2 months old and as attatched to us as we are to her. She has not been having visits with her bio mother, so you can see how a change like this will shatter her heart.
Please share your prayer support for Nevaeh and for our boys. The thought of losing their baby sister is rocking their world probably in ways that we don't yet even see.
In all things, and no matter what, God IS good!
Nevaeh is really a smiley little girl but every time I try to take her picture with my camera, the auto focus and flash light that shines before the picture is taken distracts that beautiful smile.

Daddy & his little girl.

Both of daddy's girls!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nevaeh's First Vacation

Nevaeh's very first vacation ever was spent with us. And for the knowledge of our friend, Dan, the very first place that we took her was indeed Cabela's. Nevaeh loved all of the giant animals, especially the moose.

Daryl, Rob, Nevaeh & Mom. Of course, Dad took the picture so he couldn't be included in this shot!

Nevaeh loved the gi-normous fishy tank.

These are our kids - all three!
Daryl is 15 and a junior in high school. Rob is 11 and in 6th grade. Nevaeh is 4 months old.

Nevaeh's first carousel ride! I was afraid the music would be too loud, but she really didn't seem to mind at all.
We also spent much time with family during this vacation. I won't post all of those pictures else I'd have the longest post out there. It was a great time and a special time with Nevaeh. She enjoyed getting to know her extended family and fell in love with Grammy. Must be Gram and Mama look too much alike!

Me 'N My Big Sis!

This is me 'n my big sis, Tammy! We got to be together when the quartet that her husband, Roy, sings with was within a half hour from where we were staying on an away trip. Of course, me bein' me, we just couldn't leave town without driving that half hour! I love you, Tammy, sister of my heart!

And here is Roy. He sings the baritone part in the quartet, Forgiven 4. You might have seen them in the latest issue of Singing News! Those who know Roy best, know that God has gifted him with the ability to write music. One of his songs, "The River of Jordan", which is also sung by Forgiven 4, is catching the hearts of listeners and the attention of the gospel music world. We love you, Roy, and are proud of what you are doing for our Lord. It was awesome to see you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Are My Sunshine!

You know how others always have advice to pass along that they are sure you can not live without? Well, many informed us that the addition of a little person would upset our lifestyle and rock our world. Nevaeh has definitely rocked our world, but only by showing us that our hearts could hold so much more love than we could have dreamed. We thought our family was so special but Nevaeh's sunshine has added an incredible new dimension that has made us perfect. The only way it could get any better would be to add more just like her! Oh! I really should share with all of you friends that she sings!! It's soooooo beautiful!

Nevaeh just loves this Jenny Jump Up! I think it makes her feel like "big stuff!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Huntin' Buddies

See! I told you the guys loved her!!

Daddy and his little "deer."