Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Update! And Apologies!

Yes! Just like all of you, summer has come and gone for us! School has started one more time and it's time to get back to the routine. Life has twisted a new direction for us as this past month, we moved our first child into the dormitory of a college. I attempted to post some photos and share Daryl's move with you, but I agreed to try a new interface on my blog dashboard. Somehow, something froze up on my computer and I could not post, upload any pictures, couldn't switch back to my old interface OR communicate with anyone regarding my problem. Today, I have attempted to access my blog by logging into another party's computer. I DID attempt to switch back to my old interface, AND I am going to try posting this message to my blog! I apologize for any annoyance and we want you to know that we appreciate your faithful reading. Please be patient just a little longer and be assured that we are doing our best to have this situation resolved! I hope that your day has been beautiful!