Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What an adventure, this road we're travelin'. Each new development that transpires, and each new level we attain are accompanied with many life lessons for us to study and from them learn. I am awed by the workings of a loving God and in considering in retrospect the journey thus far, I have realized from the very beginning of our relationship with Children & Youth, that God was carving His design for Nevaeh. When God began speaking to us about becoming foster parents, Nevaeh was already on the way. And all of the fostering situations with which we were presented before Nevaeh coming to live with us were not in keeping with one or more of our "guidelines" we had set for ourselves. I had begun questioning whether or not I had misinterpretted God's intentions because "things" were not working out even close to what we had been instructed. Then a certain situation occurred, I believe to test us, a situation that could have rocked our world, and though we felt discouraged, we had no desire to "jump ship." And then Nevaeh---God brought Nevaeh to us, and oh, what a joy she has been. And I have been reminded today, that the same God who was working 7 months before Nevaeh was placed in our care at 2 months of age, this God does not leave loose ends. He doesn't leave us hanging. He cares for His own and what a precious little lamb Nevaeh is.
What a Saviour, what a Friend, WHAT A GOD!!
God has been aware of every minute detail from the start and I know that this latest development does NOT catch Him by surprise. In speaking to a casemanager today, I was made aware that the tribal council seems to be more interested in Nevaeh's birth grandmother. Nevaeh's birth mother and grandmother have written separate letters of intent to the tribal council stating their desires for Nevaeh and new baby to be adopted by us. PLEASE! Do NOT stop praying. Through working together to keep Nevaeh here, God is allowing a unique relationship to form between Nevaeh's birth mother and Nevaeh's forever mother (that's ME!!). It is my prayer and desire that God be able to use our lives to speak to and help Nevaeh's birth mother make some life changing decisions for His sake.
I have had a lot of questions with regards to the new baby and how we proceed from here and have been advised that if the tribal council gives their consent for the baby to be placed in our home at birth, we are to proceed as planned and yes, we will still name the baby.
It saddens me that an issue like this has to cloud the sunshine of our baby's birth, but I am reminded that it's the clouds that create extraordinary sunsets! And I still can't wait! Our baby is to be born ANY day!! I can't wait to see what Nevaeh will do!

Friday, March 13, 2009


"When I'm low in spirit, I cry, 'Lord, lift me up.....'"and He always does!
I know that I posted already today, but I could not rest without sharing this God-moment with you.
I'm not even taking the time to take care of red-eye, I just want you to share.
Tonight, while I was taking a shower, Mark and the boys put a DVD in the player. It was A Gaither Homecoming Country Christmas. I know, I know --Christmas?? But that is so not the point!

After I finished my shower, I sat down with my family to enjoy the awesome music. As David Phelps was singing, "O Holy Night," I noticed that Nevaeh had been drawn in by the power of the holy music. Her attention had been completely captured and my soul was blessed as I watched her respond to the music. She clapped her hands and raised her arms and as we watched, we worshiped with wee-worship. I so wanted to see what God was doing in that exact moment!

As I marveled over what I had witnessed and experienced, God reassured me that He has His eye on the sparrow and Nevaeh near to His heart. He has her best interest in mind.
With that thought to consume me, I can find rest. Sweet rest!

O night, divine--O night, when Christ was born.

Who Is That Baby?

Thought you might enjoy this picture. This is a picture on an old sweatshirt of Mark's. The "baby" is Daryl. Could he pass for Nevaeh's blood brother? Nevaeh just stared and stared at this shirt when Mark wore it. It looks like that baby that talks back to her in the mirror!!


Just how much drama can one little girl be a part of? WOW-WEE!
Just when it seems that we get it all figured out, there's a new twist to navigate, a new height to attain, another hurdle to jump and on and on it goes. Yes, one more time, there has been a new development in Nevaeh and soon to be born baby's case. Most of you know that Nevaeh is Native American/Hispanic. We are unable to say just "where" and "who" she is a part of as this information is considered to be highly sensitive, but Mark did ask and was granted permission to share this with you to ask for your prayers yet another time. Nevaeh's birth grandmother is full blooded Native American Indian. This makes Nevaeh (and new baby) 1/4 Indian. Though the grandmother was adopted out of the tribe when she was only 4 years old, she is a shareholder in the incorporation of the tribe. This means that the tribal council holds custodial rights to Nevaeh and soon to be born baby brother as they are close decendants. Though birth mom has indeed signed off her parental rights to Nevaeh and wants us to adopt her, the tribal council must now relinquish their rights. The concern of the tribal council is for the betterment of the tribe and there has been expressed disgruntlement as to the fact of losing so many of their clansmen. We have been informed that the tribal council is well within their rights to disallow the adoption and can demand custody of Nevaeh and baby. If this should happen, the state and county can do nothing. Even after the tribal council would sign off, we would have to wait 120 days, yes, 4 months, before we can finalize the adoption. This time period is to give them time to "change their minds." The unbelievable part of that scenerio to me is that when a parent signs away their parental rights, they are given 30 days to change their mind. The Indian tribe gets 120 days!
We have also been informed that when the new baby is born, we are no longer first to know that our baby is here. The case manager is required to call the tribal council to tell them baby has arrived and remind them of the intent to place him in our home, will they give their blessing? The council has the right to say "no" and come get baby from the hospital or even from our home when they get around to "getting here." Needless to say, our world has been taken and dumped upside down. Our May adoption is NOT going to happen. The earliest possibility at this point would be late summer, early fall IF the tribal council will sign off right away. The chances of that though, are slim. We have been made aware that the Indian tribes are a law unto themselves and operate on their own timetable. They can drag this out indefinitely. Our caseworkers have done everything that they can at this point. The charge casemanager has given all of the necessary information and forms to the tribal council via phone, e-mail/fax, and has even put a packet together and sent it via US Postal Service. Our case rests now, on their mercy. AND the mercy of our incredible GOD!! He WHO has the power to raise the dead, make the blind to see, heal the lame man and He who has touched my very own body more than once, HE--HE has the power to make man sign a document. God has already worked in incredible ways for Nevaeh's sake and I know He has not forgotten her. Yes! Have no doubts. I do ask "why?" And I struggle with my human emotions. How will I survive if Nevaeh should have to leave us? My God has not let me down one more time and has reassured me again that He is in control. Last evening as we were riding toward town, God reminded me through His Word found in
Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans that I have for you, saith the Lord, plans of hope and peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."
I find my mind turning another direction now and have discovered my question has changed from "What will I do if Nevaeh has to leave us?" to "How could I ever make it without my God?"
And one more time I find it so obvious ever before me, God is so good ALL THE TIME!
As spring appears around me and rebirths the earth with new beginnings, the little green frog has leaped up to catch my attention reminding me that there is absolutely no other way to live than to

Fully Rely On God!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're Not Monkeyin' Around!

That's right! We're not monkeyin' around here!
He's really and truly off to experience South America!
Daryl is soooo excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the team headed for the Amazon with Touching Lives for Christ! We went and applied for his passport yesterday and were informed that he should receive it within 10 days. I thought it was a little expensive but on the other hand, we were told that his passport will be good for five years AND since he is still only 15, they said the cost was a little less than if he was sixteen or older. I guess they were trying to make us understand that we were getting a great deal. Whatever.
Daryl actually leaves the 1st of June so that he is available for boot camp on the 2nd. He will be gone for a whole month!! I don't know if I can stand it!!
Anyway, for those of you who won't receive his letter and prayer card via postal service, let me share that he will be living on a house boat that will be on the Amazon. They will be stopping at various points and hiking into the jungle to villages and be working doing VBS, construction work, service in worship and anything else that may be of help in an effort to share God's love!
I do believe that it will be a wonderful experience for him, and I would truly covet an interest in your prayers on his behalf, BUT maybe you should also pray for poor old mom left at home to worry her last nerve to a frazzle. Flying international?? Without ME??!!?? I know. I know! I might as well chill out and let my head rest peaceably. God's already going to be up so there's no sense in me staying up just to worry. Might as well get some sleep!