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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Led By A Child

Very recently, our church congregation gathered at a local pond for a Galilean Baptism Service. It was held on a Sunday afternoon and as the different members of our family were making preparations for this special event, Nevaeh sat on the back porch with Pappy. Of course, she wanted to know what everyone was so busy about and Pappy explained to Nevaeh that the cause was the baptism. We all know that little girls ask millions of questions and this explanation only spawned more questions that were ALL extremely important to this four year old little girl. Pappy went on then, to explain why people get baptized. Being baptized is a way to tell the whole world (or whoever cares to watch) that you have asked Jesus to come live in your heart and that He now leads you on your path to Heaven.
Nevaeh knew that she had already asked Jesus to come live in HER heart and so it only made sense to her that SHE should be "bap-a-tized!"
She put in her request to the pastor (her daddy) and declaring "I'm not afraid!" Nevaeh Re' was the very first candidate to be baptized!
Led into the water by daddy
The people on the banks looked different from in the water!
Explaining to Nevaeh what to expect...
Pastor Daddy was assisted by our Pastoral Assistant, Jerry Ritchey
....and she was bap-a-tized!
Getting help from the water
Getting help with the last few steps by our Minister of Outreach Jeff Shorts
Snuggling with Pappy - a HAPPY little girl!
I pray God's Hand of love, mercy and blessing ever be on this precious little sweetheart all the days of her life! She is a rare flower! God bless you, my little one! We LOVE you!!