Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Outdoor Concert!

We had the delight of sharing in an outdoor concert in Westfield, Indiana just a couple weeks ago.

Little Miss "Makes Our World Go 'Round" took the microphone and shared....

.....John 3:16 with the audience!

Our Family

Making sure that the sound tracks were kept in order while attempting to use an MP3 for the first time!

The icing on our cake was getting to sing with Kim again!!!
"That's When Calvary Came Through Once Again!"

Getting her started young.

Daryl accompanied himself on the acoustic guitar while singing a song that he himself wrote.
"Independence Day."

Rob using his special gift and singing as only he can.

Rob's version of playing the guitar!

We met some really great people and got to spend some time with Kim and James. We're always thankful for God's mercy and grace and how He helps us to share His message of love with others through the avenue of music.
One of the songs I was blessed to share says,
"God's been good in my life. I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams when I go to bed each night.
And tho' I"ve had my share of hard times, I wouldn't trade them if I could,
'Cause through it all, God's been good."
Legacy Five

Daddy & Daughter

Today was a beautiful fall day and Nevaeh wanted to be outside with Daddy! I love the concentration on her face and the way her little hands are in front of Mark's. Then, seeing my camera in hand, they paused to wave "hello!"
I LOVE these two!!

To Say Goodbye

My heart cracked as we had to say "Goodbye" to Kylie and Bella after only one week. There are some things that I will just never understand about the system and how it works. After loading "everything" up along with the kids, I had to leave as Kylie began crying. I entered my own home and immediately my eyes fell on Nevaeh. God whispered that I will never have to pack her up and see her go in this way. What a reminder of God's great goodness. I bent over and scooped Nevaeh into my arms and through my tears, I whispered,"You will be my Brown Sugar Chawlie forever!"

Catch Up From Labor Day Weekend

Dressed up for church with Pappy & Grammy


She's such a sweet mess!

Sunday evening church with Pappy!


My sisters & I on Labor Day
Erma (the oldest), Sherri (the youngest), Myself (daughter #2), and Jenny (daughter #3).

My sweet nephew, Kyle Wayne and I.

Giggling Girls

Found the girls one morning like this. Nevaeh had moved the rocker we were borrowing from Daryl's room over next to the crib and crawled in with Kylie. She then proceeded to teach Kyleah how to jump up and down. They had no idea that I was at the door watching.

Nevaeh has thoroughly enjoyed her "mentoring" position!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts & Prayers For Sam

We are thinking of and praying for you, Sam! We didn't forget about your big test and you have been in our thoughts and prayers for a couple of weeks now. Stay encouraged!! You WILL make a great teacher one day soon. We have faith in you and know better than anyone that you are the BEST!!
We love you!

Just For Pappy!

This is just for Pappy!!!
Daryl and his lil' angel. Nevaeh and HER hero!!

Our Family Has Grown

Baby Bella
Bella (5 months) and Kyleah (17 months) have joined our family for the time being and only God knows just how long they will be with us. We are adjusting to two more little people depending on us for everything and Nevaeh LOVES being the BIG sister THIS time. Rob has declared that Nevaeh will one day make a GREAT mother. She already has the bossing part down pat! But of course! You didn't expect anything other than THAT, did you?
Kyleah (affectionately known to us as Kylie)

Nevaeh is a natural born leader and Kylie is doing her best to keep up.
I have a feeling that Nevaeh is going to be the biggest influence on Kylie!
*Laughing out loud* I just realized what Nevaeh's shirt says!
"ANGEL in training!"

Daryl is, as always, being a fantabulous big brother and is playing "CHASE" with his little sisters.

Daddy is playing with the girls in the play yard.

This is what Nevaeh thinks of that baby in the house! Kisses! Kisses! KISSES!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Promoted Yet Again!

This young man continues to make his parents proud. Figuring out just what to do with one's life is at times quite perplexing. But Daryl has chosen to use his time wisely as he searches for direction. As many of you know, Daryl has been enrolled in the Civil Air Patrol which is an auxillary of the United States Air Force. In order to be promoted, a cadet must take tests and receive passing scores in leadership and aeronautics among other specifics. Daryl is planning to attend flight school next spring, cadet leadership school in the summer, and ranger training next fall.
Just tonight, he was promoted and bears the title Cadet Staff Sgt Fultz!
Congratulations Sweetheart! We love you!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Uncle Bill,

Summer has taken us for a wild ride with busyness and much summer activity. We are starting school and settling into another routine. I promise that I WILL update this blog soon. I have many fun experiences and pictures to share. As you can see from the one picture that I posted above, our busyness has definitely NOT been boring. Our little princess is so full of vitality and I still find myself marveling that she is indeed here to stay! She adores the men in her life, Daddy, Daryl and her Bubby, but she has redefined "Mama's Baby!" She believes that I am her very best friend and I love when she wraps her little arms around my neck and purrs into my ear, "Mommy, I love you soooo much!" And I can't imagine life without her!
Thank you for being there on the other side of this blog and caring in your own way!