Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our "New" Little Miss Fultz

On the steps of the courthouse just moments after the judge officially closed Nevaeh's case and changed her name.
It has been a very long & hard road to travel to this point. It is NO secret that Almighty God walked with us the entire way! We know that there are still potholes to swerve and ditches to avoid but God has proven again and again that He will NOT leave us alone. I marvel at His grace and how that if we live truly surrendered to His divine will, He will enable us to act on His desires and not ours. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts greater than our thoughts. I have also realized again, that while feelings may not be what I want them to be, if I live in obedience to God's plan, His grace and mercy allow the right feelings to fall in line. Today, the Honorable Judge William Cunningham officially closed Nevaeh's case and changed her name legally to what we had wished to give to her all along.
Nevaeh Regalo Kanti' Fultz
This is our entire family with Nevaeh's Nana, Pop Pop and Johnny on the steps in front of the courthouse.

In the courtroom with the judge immediately following the case finalization and name change.

This is the Honorable Judge William Cunningham.
Following the proceedings today, I carried Nevaeh over to the Judge and in her soft high-pitched voice she said, "Fank you, yer Honor." The judge instantly melted. He patted her hands and told her just how pretty she was. He thanked her for being so sweet and after patting her hair, he asked Nevaeh who had combed her hair so pretty. Nevaeh said, "My mommy." The Judge was moved to witness firsthand how God had worked in our lives.

Nevaeh with her two caseworkers
Sam (holding Nevaeh) has been responsible for Nevaeh's continued and ongoing care for the entirety of her placement in our home. Gaylene has been the adoption charge manager and is responsible for seeing that Nevaeh remained in our home on a permanent basis. While many people don't ever even think about the jobs that these two wonderful ladies do, our perspective considers their work a means of changing and saving lives. These two ladies are among our heroes.

Nevaeh and her Sam. Immediately following the proceedings today, Sam announced that she would be leaving her position at our foster agency to focus on finishing earning her master's degree in special education. We have no doubt that God brought her to Family Care and kept her there just for us. We have mutally agreed that our relationship cannot end and she reassured our boys that she's not going anywhere. She already has a job opportunity lined up that is local and we are grateful for this. She has become important to us and to Nevaeh.

They had just shared an eskimo kiss but me and my trusty camera were just a little too slow to capture the moment.

We celebrated by going out to eat together for lunch. We had a great time!
That Nevaeh consumes more fruit, specifically mandarine oranges, than anyone I know! She's working on a strawberry in the picture below.

Our God is merciful and everlasting and His truth endureth to ALL generations.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nevaeh's First Live Performance!

Tonight, Nevaeh got to hold a mic of her own for the first time and "sing" with us! I'm not so sure that is the best plan of action in teaching Nevaeh to participate in our services and concerts as I am sure you all know, she unwittingly creates a show all her own! Who can resist the twinkle in her eye and that killer smile?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just For You!

PARTY THEME: We'll Always Be Here To Help You Spread Your Wings & Fly!
We have had the grandest time celebrating the beautiful gift which God brought to us not quite 2 years ago. She has blossomed into an extraordinary little person and it's beyond our comprehension to understand right now just who she will become. God had already used Nevaeh in a great way and touched many lives through her existance.

Some of our family could not make it to the celebration so a special friend videoed the day into clips and uploaded them to you tube. I checked just this morning and there is only one more clip to come through before our upload is complete. Once everything is in order, I will post the link here so that you can view at your leisure as well. With the day being recorded in clips, you can view one or two at a time until you've completed all ten.
Part of the grandness, of course, was having all the guests that stayed in our home for the weekend and we did not video that but I know that you can use your imagination. Nevaeh and Pappy had the grandest time of all! I think she must have worn him out!! He had to go home and get rested up so that he could spend more time with her during IHC!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Name Changing!

We have one more trip to the courtroom to change this sweet little girl's name to FULTZ!
Let me explain that Nevaeh's open adoption arrangement, as is typical, is done on paperwork. Normally, you do not make an appearance in court with the judge. Nevaeh's caseworkers and representing attorney felt that it would be wise since there has been so much involved in Nevaeh's case, to have the name change granted in court by the judge and to have the honorable judge verbally finalize the case!
On the morning of April 28 we will experience this finalization.
We have been instructed by the caseworker, that our entire family is to be present and that this will be another celebratory occasion meriting the use of a camera! I look forward to sharing with you!

Nevaeh's Christening/Dedication

Emotions were high and intense and we all shared many tears together. It was overwhelming to realize a miracle made and to understand again that the God we serve IS alive and on our side! He wants to give us good things! Our day was incredibly special as shared with many that we love most. Bro. G.Clair Sams along with his wife Melba, performed the christening and dedication ceremonies, our friend and fellow minister Byron Gurnee with his wife Julia assisting, shared in giving the Rose Ceremony. Nevaeh's brother Robert and adopted cousins Toni and Stephanie Fultz sang "Welcome To The Family." Nevaeh's brother Daryl wrote a song specifically for Nevaeh's day and sang it while accompanying himself on the acoustic guitar. Mark and I sang "Keep Me In Your Will" followed by a time where Nevaeh told her grandparents and caseworkers "I love you" by passing out roses. Then to complete the service, Mark got down on one knee and presented our new daughter with her first rose, telling her that he loved her. It was so sweet to hear her little voice respond, "I love you, Daddy!" It was a full day and we have very many more pictures that I know you will enjoy. Give us a few days to compile all of them, and I intend to share them with you in the form of another scrolling photo album to the side. I know that many of you are watching and I didn't want to make you wait too long. So, hold on - MORE IS COMING!!

Bro. Sams is praying the dedicatory prayer over Nevaeh.

Nevaeh just received her very first rose from her Daddy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 39th Birthday, Babe!

Mark with his amazingly talented children!

The most exuberant of well wishers!

Mark with his Chocolate Snickers Cake!

Adoption Announcement & Christening/Dedication & Adoption Party Invitation

Wishing it was possible for all of you to join us and share in our happiness!
I will do the best that I can to update often.
We still have one more court appearance to be held the end of this month to have her name changed on her birth certificate! Please know that we appreciate your continued prayers. We believe that it is your prayers that have brought us through the difficulties associated with Nevaeh's case and allowed us to understand and accept God's will in this. God has taught us over again and again that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. We have also learned that God's way IS the BEST way!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Blessings

My beautiful children!
This Easter created a fresh appreciation within me to the fact that my God is ALIVE!!
Alive and still performing miracles.
I am overwhelmed that God would allow our family to be the recipients of some such miracles.
As our celebration unfolds, I will share with you in this manner. It is our desire that you too will understand anew, the power and love that our awesome God desires to use and bestow on us in our behalf.
H WANTS to do the SAME for you!
Need a miracle?
Just ask!


After eight years + of treatment, Daryl is exceedingly happy to be rid of his oral train tracks!
"Now," he says, "The glasses gotta' go."
Not sure how I feel about my kid being old enough to be experiencing these things. I remember getting my braces off and my first pair of contacts! It was a "growing up" status symbol. To top it off, Daryl will graduate from high school this May!
Where does the time fly?!