Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kimberly and James

The wedding for Kimberly and James was reason in part for our most recent very loooooong trip. Kimberly has been a very close member of our family. She is the last "little sister" of Laura's to get married. Daryl and Robert are very close to Sissy. All four of us were in the wedding party. Perhaps in the future we can share a family photo. You should have seen all of the Fultz men in tuxedoes. It was kind of hard to take pictures when we were in the pictures. Laura was the matron of honor and walked with Mark. Robert sang, pulled back the aisle runner with Daryl and stood as the junior groomsman. Daryl was the usher and candlelighter and assisted Robert pulling back the aisle runner. It was a very, very beautiful ceremony!

This is the beautiful church where the wedding was held. Laura got to decorate the sanctuary.

Laura made all of the flower arrangements for the wedding.

Robbie and his beloved Sissy!

The Matron of Honor and the Maid of Honor attempting to refrain from being very rascally!

On our most recent very loooooooong trip, we were also able to reconnect with a very special guy and his wonderful family. Jamie is one of those guys who we have adopted as our "little brother." Jamie is pictured here with his very sweet wife Jodi and beautiful daughters Jenna and Josie! It was our great pleasure to spend time with you all, Jamie. Thank you, Jodi for cooking a delicious dinner for us. Your home is beautiful and inviting. We would have loved to stay and visit a lot longer! We love you guys!

Monday, April 21, 2008

We made the very looooooong drive necessary to visit with some very special family members. Mark's cousin, Paul, is stationed on an Army base where he treats the ailments of our country's soldiers. We had a remarkable and unforgetable visit. Paul's family graciously allowed us to bunk in their personal "barracks."

We posed for a family shot in front of the fireplace of Paul and Jan's living room.
Notice that Daryl is as tall as mom now!

Of course, I wanted you to see the three beautiful angels that are a part of Paul's family. They are as precious as they look! Morgan, Brook & Heather

Our two "wanna be's" with their new hero!

Daryl James and Robert Eugene

We took the boys to the PX on base and had their hair cut just like the soldier boys! The little sweetie in blue was petrified that the lady cutting Daryl's hair was going to buzz her next! She did the only thing she knew to do to prevent that from happening! The soldiers were amused by our visit.

You should know that during our visit, Markus turned 37 years old. Janice baked a yummy cake. Daryl blew an air horn after we sang the good ole' rendition of "Happy Birthday" and as soon as his Dad blew out the candles, "D" sprayed him with silly string!