Having someone to love is FAMILY. Having somewhere to go is HOME. Having both is a BLESSING.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Heart Remembers

Nevaeh and Sam on adoption day - Her caseworker as a foster child
Nevaeh giving Sam a rose during her Christening/Dedication Ceremony
Now, over two years since the above pictured events, Sam surprised us with an unexpected visit today. I, regrettably, was away working. But Nevaeh declares that she had a really great visit. She shared with me how she told Sam her story of how she arrived in our home. And then she said that Sam added to her story.
I asked Nevaeh if she remembered Sam. "Sure," she replied. "When I looked up into the sky, I could see her face in my dream!"
I am amazed at how the heart truly never forgets the face of love!
And I believe that Nevaeh is a part of our family because of Sam's love, work, tears and prayers!

A little cowgirl - not quite two
Look how much she has grown in just a few short years!
She is now 4 1/2.

She is a blessing beyond words and we can NEVER thank Samantha for......WOW! Everything!